5 Wedding Marquee Hire Design Ideas

Do you want to add a little something extra to your wedding marquee hire design? If so, keep reading, as we’re about to look at 5 easy ways you can add your own flavour of design to a wedding marquee. Let’s start with the addition of magical fairy lights…

1. Add a Touch of Magic With Fairy Lights

During the day, your marquee will likely be illuminated by natural daylight. As the day turns into night, you’ll need a means of artificial lighting for your marquee. Take some fairy lights and hang them around the walls of the marquee, around table fixtures and other fittings and furniture. You could also opt to hang the fairy lights from the ceiling, which can create quite a magical atmosphere.

Fairy lights can add a really romantic, fairy-tale like feel to your wedding marquee and are very inexpensive to purchase. They add a quaint, calm mood to the evening, especially to seating areas. Leave the crazy, flashing lights, disco balls and spotlights for the dance floor!

2. Add Some Bunting

Bunting offers a very inexpensive means of beautifully decorating your wedding venue. You can even make bunting yourself at home, and it can be easily placed from room to room ensuring a consistent flow of design. When you think bunting, you might think “tacky”. However, there are some incredibly beautiful wedding bunting streams and garlands that can transform the internal roof of your wedding marquee in particular and really make it feel like a special wedding venue.

You could also use bunting to add a touch of colour to your wedding marquee, hanging colourful streams alongside the walls. Wedding bunting can be as subtle or as outrageous as you like!

3. Put Some Thought Into The Lining

One major benefit to having a marquee as your wedding reception venue is that you can choose the lining of the walls and ceiling. You have full control over how the ceilings and walls of your marquee look on your big day so don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour to the roof or some of the side panel lining.

4. Allow Your Seating to be a Design Feature

Your seating is one of the key features within your wedding marquee. Consider adding some couches as seating areas in your wedding marquee to vary up the design or drape cushioned seating areas with colourful fabrics and cushions.

Choose table seating that doesn’t just offer comfort, but choose something that will add to the overall design too. Experiment with sashes and ribbons to add a little something extra special to your seating. Foldaway chairs may seem like the best option as they are easy to clear away but how much space will you really need to clear away for your band and dance floor?

5. Go Wild With Flowers

Be creative with your centrepieces by adding some trees and hanging baskets to the mix. Decorate any support beams within the marquee itself from ceiling to floor in flowers or even choose to dangle flowers from chandeliers. Use hanging baskets and lighting features like pendant lamps interchangeably to decorate the roof of your marquee. A wedding would not be a wedding without a stunning display of flowers and they can add so much to the marquee design.

Transforming a marquee into a stunning wedding venue is actually quite simple. Flowers, lighting, bunting, seating and lining can all go a long way to transforming wedding marquee hire design.