So you’ve made the choice and opted for marquee hire as your wedding venue – congratulations! A wedding marquee is the perfect choice for couples that are looking for something truly unique and unforgettable for their wedding day. And with a beautiful marquee, you have the fantastic opportunity to imprint your sense of style and that of your partner to make it just that – an unforgettable and truly unique affair.

To give you some guidance and hopefully some inspiration too, we’ve compiled a list of 5 extras that, when correctly installed, will complete the entire look and ambience of your wedding marquee.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is an essential factor in creating the right mood and setting for your wedding, and given the amount of options that are available, you don’t have to go with the standard spotlights to get the lighting right. How about using some uplighters along the interior walls of the marquee to create a soft, romantic feel? Coloured uplighters can signify a special touch and can match your wedding colours if so desired. You can also choose from candles for an ethereal effect, a chandelier for a luxurious atmosphere or LED lights for a more modern and contemporary feel.

  1. Interior linings

Interior linings are a fantastic way to enhance your marquee and soften the lines of the actual structure itself. In order to blend in with any other fixtures and fittings that you’ve got planned, linings can be installed that complement your wedding theme or your wedding colours. Interior linings are usually pleated with an added valance for that extra-special touch, adding a sense of luxury and comfort to your wedding marquee.

  1. Covered walkway

If you are planning on locating your wedding marquee on the grounds of your family home or a country house, you will more than likely make the toilet facilities within the main property available for use to your guests. If so, then a covered walkway between your wedding marquee and the main property is a fantastic little extra that will impress your guests as well as protect them from the elements if necessary!

  1. Bar facilities

Another extra to make your wedding marquee even more special is the inclusion of licensed bar facilities. Incorporating such facilities into your wedding marquee means that your guests will have access to a selection of wines, spirits and draught beers from an actual operating bar complete with draught taps. You can even make your bar a feature of your marquee by adding counter stools and backlighting for that extra special look.

  1. Stage area and dance floor

The perfect way to add a wow factor to your marquee is to incorporate a raised stage area for the placement of your chosen band or DJ. Once the meal is over and your guests are ready for some entertainment, you’ll want to make the stage the focal point of the marquee and having a raised stage is the perfect way of achieving that. And, as you’re providing some great musical entertainment for your guests, you’ll have to give them a place to dance too! A purpose built dance floor that’s made from durable and aesthetically pleasing materials will ensure that your guests can dance the night away with little worry of space restrictions.

A wedding marquee makes for an unforgettable wedding venue and with the addition of some or all of these extras, your wedding will be extra-special and extra-memorable!