Maquee Lit Up at Night
Marquee Hire for Christmas Parties
So, you’re looking around your living room or office and trying to imagine where all the people will sit. Even if they stand it’s going to be cramped, right? If this is you during each year’s festive season it’s time you change your perspective. Don’t look inside the room anymore. Your solution lies outside. Or . . . Continue Reading

5 Unusual Uses For a Marquee
“Marquee” and “party” are two words people usually associate together. Marquees are undoubtedly one of the most popular venue options for parties, weddings and corporate events. However, their uses don’t stop there. A little thinking outside of the box opens up a whole host of new uses for a marquee. We’ve put together a list . . . Continue Reading

Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer Party in Your Garden
Garden parties have always been a hugely popular affair in the U.S., from the formal summer soiree to the all American BBQ party. That trend has made its way across the water in recent years with garden parties now in full flow in Ireland once the summer weather hits. Summer sunshine is sticking around . . . Continue Reading

5 Tips For The Perfect Beach Wedding
Ever been captivated by a beach wedding scene in a movie? Found yourself mesmerised at a beach side wedding abroad? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that beach weddings are no longer just a dream wedding scene for couples in Ireland. Finally, we are finding ourselves experiencing prolonged dry spells of weather here . . . Continue Reading

How to Plan the Perfect BBQ Party this Summer
Winter has retreated to another part of the world and summer fun has arrived so it’s time to kick off your boots, take out the flip-flops and bust out the invitations. That’s right; it’s time for a BBQ party! Summertime Party Planning is Simpler than You Think Summer is all about rest and relaxation, and . . . Continue Reading

How to Decorate a Marquee for a Communion
May is the month for First Holy Communions. It’s the beginning of Summer and the weather is just about nice enough to hold a communion party outside. If you have decided to host your child’s communion party in a marquee and you want to make it perfect, memorable and a little extra special, here are . . . Continue Reading

Alternative Party Venue Ideas for a Confirmation
Confirmation celebrations are a huge deal in Ireland and venues can book up pretty quickly, some even a year or two in advance. With thousands of children receiving confirmation every year, dining out in a local bar, hotel or restaurant simply isn’t an option for everybody, as these kinds of businesses cannot facilitate demand. If . . . Continue Reading

5 Tips to Planning a Corporate Event
Whether it’s a company rewards night, a team building event or a charity fundraiser, planning any successful corporate event takes time and a lot of effort. That said; when the planning is broken down into actionable steps, it’s really not that big of a task and the benefits of holding a corporate event are more . . . Continue Reading

How To Heat Your Marquee
There’s a lot to consider when you are hosting an event in a marquee, and one of the most essential factors to consider is keeping the temperature in your marquee at a comfortable level. There’s nothing that will kill a party faster than a bunch of freezing guests or guests who are struggling to enjoy . . . Continue Reading

The Ultimate Wedding Marquee Guide
Are you breaking away from the traditional mould and hosting your big day in a wedding marquee? If so, you won’t be disappointed as marquee weddings are classy and beautiful and they also provide a fabulous venue for celebrations. As with all elements of your big day, however, success is all in the planning. Not . . . Continue Reading