5 Tips to Planning a Corporate Event
Whether it’s a company rewards night, a team building event or a charity fundraiser, planning any successful corporate event takes time and a lot of effort. That said; when the planning is broken down into actionable steps, it’s really not that big of a task and the benefits of holding a corporate event are more . . . Continue Reading

How To Heat Your Marquee
There’s a lot to consider when you are hosting an event in a marquee, and one of the most essential factors to consider is keeping the temperature in your marquee at a comfortable level. There’s nothing that will kill a party faster than a bunch of freezing guests or guests who are struggling to enjoy . . . Continue Reading

The Ultimate Wedding Marquee Guide
Are you breaking away from the traditional mould and hosting your big day in a wedding marquee? If so, you won’t be disappointed as marquee weddings are classy and beautiful and they also provide a fabulous venue for celebrations. As with all elements of your big day, however, success is all in the planning. Not . . . Continue Reading

Christmas Party Planning Checklist
With the festive season just around the corner, the whole country is slowly turning their attention from work and responsibilities to Christmas shopping and partying. If you’ve decided to throw a last minute Christmas party of your own this year – whether it’s for family and friends or your employees and customers – we’re about . . . Continue Reading

Top Tips For Planning A Communion Party
A First Communion is an important time in the life of any young Catholic, and it’s important to plan a communion party that they can look back on to remember it as the happy memory that it should be. The first communion party is different to other parties children are likely to participate in within . . . Continue Reading

Guide to Renting the Right Dance Floor for Your Marquee
Weddings, birthday parties, hen and stag parties, garden soirees, BBQs, corporate events – no matter what event you are organising, the most preferred venue of choice is fast becoming one of the most simple and flexible options – a marquee. If you have never hired a marquee for an event before, you will need to . . . Continue Reading

Ideas When Hiring Marquees For Corporate Events
Let’ be honest, corporate events are never the top of our social calendars. The fact that so many people miss the mark in creating awesome corporate events just furthers the unwillingness of many participants. At the end of the day however, corporate events are important for your company – whether it’s for clients and potential . . . Continue Reading

How Does A Marquee Help You Save Money?
Events are expensive, and if you have one coming up, then chances are that you are trying to keep the costs as low as possible. Whether you are having a corporate event, a wedding, a big birthday or simply a large get together – you will have to think of costs such as venue hire, . . . Continue Reading

Advantages of a Marquee Wedding
Your wedding day is YOUR day so you should be able to celebrate it anywhere you want. And by that, we mean absolutely anywhere! Traditional wedding venues don’t allow for much flexibility when it comes to location but with a marquee wedding, you’re in full control. Ultimate flexibility The best thing about a wedding marquee . . . Continue Reading

How to Decorate a Marquee for a Christening
A christening is a special day of celebration. It’s a day where family comes together to show their love and support for the little one being christened and his/her family. More and more people are choosing to hire a marquee for christening celebrations rather than hitting their local pub/hotel for the day, as the benefits . . . Continue Reading