Corporate Events

Why a Marquee is Perfect for Your Corporate Party
If you were asked to think about events that a marquee is normally hired for, you’ll most likely think of weddings, garden parties, birthday celebrations and intimate family gatherings. In fact, one of the last things that might come to your mind is a large corporate event. In recent years, more and more companies have . . . Continue Reading

Why a Marquee Party is Perfect for your Corporate Event
When you think of hiring a marquee, you may do so in the context of hosting a garden party or even a wedding. However, did you know that marquees are also available for hire and extremely popular when it comes to corporate events? When organising a corporate event, you want to ensure that your business . . . Continue Reading

Make the Most Out of Your Corporate Events This Summer
Corporate events are an integral part of business and serve to leave a positive and lasting impression of your company on both your existing and potential customers and clients. Every company wants their corporate event to be memorable, impressive and fun even – and they can be! You can enhance the image and reputation of . . . Continue Reading