Why a Marquee is Perfect for your Birthday Bash

Maquee Lit Up at Night

Whether it be a small intimate get together or a full blown glamorous affair, there is nothing more special than celebrating your day of birth with your group of close friends and family members. Don’t you agree?

Although it’s a great idea and something that every one will enjoy, organising a birthday bash is not as easy as you may first think. Everything from the venue and the food to the entertainment, drinks, décor, and the guest list has to be planned to a tee if the event is going to be a successful and enjoyable one for all involved.

When it comes to venue, people are shifting away from the more traditional pub style scene and are choosing to hold their event in a much more practical and intimate setting. We’re talking about marquees of course! Let’s go into a little more detail as to why marquees are considered to be the most perfect option for birthday bashes today.

1 The Provision of Flexibility

When it comes to planning an event, having the option of being flexible in terms of size, décor, layout and dining and entertainment options for a venue is absolutely vital. And because a marquee provides all of these, it’s easy to see why so many people arechoosing this style of venue above all others.

By having your celebration in a marquee, regardless of if it’s a big bash in the grounds of a local hotel with 100 guests, or a more intimate, small dinner event in your back garden for 20 of your closest friends and family, you can pick the size and layout and create different areas for dancing, eating and chilling out, if you wish to do so.

2 Uniqueness

Do you want your birthday bash to be different and ‘stand out from the crowd’ so to speak? If so, a marquee will provide you with a blank canvas where you’ll be able to let your personality and uniqueness shine through in everything from the décor of the area to the style of food and entertainment that you choose.

If you’re interested in planning your party with a theme in mind, the options with marquees are endless and you can choose from possibilities such as a quirky wigwam for a festival style party or an Arabian Nights inspired dinner with a matching tent.

3 Weather Proof

When choosing a marquee, you’ll no longer have to worry about the unpredictability of the Irish weather raining on your parade and spoiling your special day/night. After all, nothing is worse than having to cancel a birthday party that you have been planning for weeks or even months in advance of the big day.

Some marquee hire companies can even incorporate fire pits for you and your guests to keep warm and to roast marshmallows over. And, even if you are lucky enough to have sunshine on the day of your party, the marquee will still be extremely practical as it will serve as an open space for congregation and will provide ample ventilation too.

4 Child Friendly

Marquees are perfect for kids birthday parties as well as for adult get-togethers. Your little ones will be able to benefit from such a space by being able to play in the garden if the weather is nice and play games and activities inside the marquee, in the event of rain.

By hiring a marquee, you also make sure your house doesn’t get too dirty from all the kids running around with sticky birthday cake hands, which most mums will agree is always a big plus!

With all of that in mind, isn’t it time that you joined the revolution and started to think about hiring a marquee for your next birthday bash or celebratory event?