No Need To Compromise On Quality When You Book a Marquee

Marquees have fast become the venue of choice for many special occasions. From weddings and corporate events to birthday parties and baby showers, marquee hire has become quite the norm in Ireland. They can make for a truly stunning party venue, however, some people still hold the misconception that hiring a marquee means you compromise on venue quality.

The most common misconception is that if you hire a marquee as your party, event or wedding venue, you’ll need to compromise and offer festival style port-a-loos for your guests. All marquee hire companies in Ireland will agree that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Luxury marquees, luxury toilets

When you choose to hire a marquee for your special occasion, the luxurious appearance of the venue doesn’t end at the toilets. Luxury marquees are available for hire with luxury toilets for all events. Marquee toilets come in the latest contemporary and minimalist designs. In fact, they are exactly the level of quality you would see in a highly rated hotel.

Your luxury toilet trailer can sit in close proximity alongside your marquee. Forget the dark green, plastic material portable toilets you’ve seen at events. When you book a marquee, the portable toilets on offer are of the highest quality.

Each toilet trailer is made of stainless steel with a light wood finish. Inside the trailer, you’ll find three WCs and a vanity unit in the female bathroom. In the men’s bathroom you’ll find one WC, a vanity unit and three urinals. Smaller toilet units with four toilets per units are also available for private parties.

High-end interiors

If you want to hang chandeliers from the ceilings, feature exquisite lighting, specialist floor materials or any other high-end interior, you can do so within your hired marquee. Marquees are highly customisable so you do not need to abandon your decorative ideas. Talk to your marquee hire team about how you can achieve the most fitting marquee design for your requirements.

Marquees are available for hire in various different sizes. You don’t have to forget the type of seating you really wanted or the party theme you had planned because you think a marquee won’t be able to accommodate your needs. Have a large guest list? Simply hire a larger marquee or see if your chosen one can be extended in any way. Do you want a contemporary area that oozes style appeal? Your marquee can be customised and filled with high-end interiors that will wow your guests.

Solid structures

On the day of your event, party or wedding, your hired marquee will look far from a temporary structure. You can hire solid sided marquees with clear span structures, hard panels, glass window panels, and steel cassette floors. Your venue will look so well that you’ll find it hard to believe that the solid sided marquee isn’t actually a permanent fixture in your chosen location.

Booking a marquee to hold your next special occasion is a smart move. Not only will you not compromise on quality when you hire a marquee, you’ll notice that your guests find your choice of venue extremely impressive given its level of luxuriousness.