How to Throw the Perfect Dinner Party


We are quickly descending upon the most wonderful time of the year! The world will soon be glittering with colourful lights, magnificent decorations, smiling faces and general Christmas cheer. Around every corner you’ll likely be faced with an invite to a magnificent party and while attending holiday parties can be loads of fun, throwing one yourself can be even more rewarding! Not only do you get to show off your party hosting skills and show your friends a great time, you also might go down in history for hosting the “party of the year”.  Are you afraid you don’t have enough party hosting skills? Have no fear! Our tips for throwing the perfect dinner party are below. Be prepared to wow yourself and your friends this holiday season.

  • Keep it Simple

In the age of Pinterest, it can be easy to get consumed with trying to do it all. You might have found the most fabulous party-planning Pinterest board that’s full of the perfect appetisers, décor and cocktails but you’ll need to let most of it go. You can throw an amazing party with impressive details, without going overboard. Pick one great homemade appetiser, one great homemade cocktail and one great homemade main dish, everything else doesn’t have to be 5-star quality. Grab some cheese and crackers from the supermarket or hit up the frozen goods section and find a few oven-ready appetisers to pass around. Ask your closest friends to bring some sides along with them. In doing so, you’ll be able to spend more time hosting and less time running around like a crazy person, or worse, pulling a “Pinterest fail” out of the oven as your guests arrive. Oh my!

  • Walk the Fine Line of Perfect Lighting and Music

The correct levels of lighting and music are two absolute essentials for the perfect dinner party. Grouped together, without overdoing it, they create the perfect ambiance. There is unfortunately a fine line for each. Lighting that is too bright or too dim can really change the mood and vibe at a party. The same goes for music. Playing no music is an absolute no-no but music that is too loud, raunchy or emotional sets the wrong tone too. To find the perfect balance for both, be sure to keep your music choices upbeat and the lighting comfortable but inviting. The key is to walk the line right down the middle of the two. Never go too far toward loud and bright or quiet and dark.

  • Choose Your Company Wisely

We all know a great party comes down to one thing – great people. Just because you are throwing a party doesn’t mean you have to invite all 600 of your Facebook friends. Select 10 to 15 people maximum as this will ensure things don’t get too crowded. Good conversations will be had and people will really enjoy themselves without being squashed in a room, possibly counting down the seconds until they can make a sneaky exit. With this in mind, it is definitely okay to invite friends who don’t know each other. It can be a great opportunity for friends to meet who otherwise would not. Just make sure to invite friends you already know would get along. Imagine attending a fabulous party and leaving having made a new friend!

  • Relax; it’s just a dinner party!

The best thing you can do for you and your guests is relax! A frantic host creates a frantic vibe. As the host, you set the mood for the party so if you are relaxed and smiling, chances are your guests will be too. The same goes if you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Guests will sense that energy and start frantically trying to help or frantically running into the next room to get out of your way. Get yourself in the right frame of mind before your guests arrive. Take a few deep breaths, have a small cocktail and remember that it is supposed to be fun! People are at your party because they want to be with you. Give them the best version of yourself and, in turn, you’ll have the best party.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, step out of your comfort zone and host a fabulous dinner party. Find the right ambiance, the right menu and the right company and you will be on your way to hosting the “party-of-the-year”, guaranteed!