Ever been captivated by a beach wedding scene in a movie? Found yourself mesmerised at a beach side wedding abroad? If so, you’ll be delighted to know that beach weddings are no longer just a dream wedding scene for couples in Ireland.

Finally, we are finding ourselves experiencing prolonged dry spells of weather here in Summer time and budding brides and grooms to be are taking every advantage of this opportunity. Enjoying a true fairy tale wedding beach side, with the sounds of crashing waves behind you and a stunning backdrop for photographs, can be a reality on the Emerald Isle.

However, there are some considerations you need to take into account, so we’ve put together our top 5 tips for ensuring the perfect beach wedding:

  • Take advantage of the views

One of the main reasons to have a beach wedding is to take advantage of the amazingly beautiful backdrop. If you’re seeking permission to hold your wedding by one of our country’s fine beaches, ensure your designated area allows you to have a clear, uninterrupted view during your ceremony and that you work with your photographer to find the perfect spots on the beach to land those dream wedding shots.

  • Hire a marquee

Beach side wedding venues in Ireland are few and far between. However, by hiring a marquee, you can make any beach destination your wedding day venue. The key is to hire a marquee with windows so your guests can clearly admire the breath-taking views and ensure that the marquee is well secured – even the calmest Summer nights can see winds creeping in on the coast.
In terms of location, choosing to have a marquee weddingincreases the number of potential beach side destinations that you can choose to host your wedding celebrations.

  • Embrace the beach theme

If you are going to have a beach wedding, you’ll need to embrace the setting. You don’t need to go all out with inflatable rings, fake palm trees and Hawaiian leis to pay homage to your beach theme.
Subtle additions like putting fold away beach chairs outside for guests to lounge on, colourful bunting, coconut cocktails and driftwood signage can be a really classy touch. You’ve set the scene by setting your venue beach side so allow your theme and decorations to match the setting.

  • Have a relaxed dress code

Everyone will still want to get suited and booted for your big day but it is important to let your guests know the specifics of the location.
High heeled shoes and sand can be a difficult combination so be prepared to relax the dress code a little – communicate that both male and female guests can wear flat sandals and comfortable shoes. Females can wear lighter material dresses rather than the typical occasion wear, heavy material gowns while males can opt for smart cotton pants or shorts. It’s also wise to provide a stack of flip flops on the day as some guests will miss this important detail!

  • Know the local limits

When hosting a beach wedding, you need to get to know the local limits. If the beach is in a relatively public area, you will likely need to obtain a permit and obey noise disruption laws as well as committing to protecting the environment and leaving the area rubbish free when you leave.

Beach weddings in Ireland – who would have ever thought that this would be a luxury we could enjoy? Well now it is! You can hold your very own Hawaiian inspired beach wedding by the secret beach hideaway in Ireland you’ve always adored. Happy planning!