There’s a lot to consider when you are hosting an event in a marquee, and one of the most essential factors to consider is keeping the temperature in your marquee at a comfortable level.

There’s nothing that will kill a party faster than a bunch of freezing guests or guests who are struggling to enjoy themselves in the sweltering heat. So putting the correct heating and cooling measures in place is a necessity.

Summers in Ireland aren’t excessively warm and the evenings can get quite chilly. If your event is planned for the summer months then it’s always a good idea to provide some warm blankets for your guests to drape over their legs when outside.

It’s during winter, however, that your real heating needs are going to come into play. Even if you have your marquee sides down, outdoor events are bound to get cold and so you need to ensure that you have some big heaters to put in place when it gets a little colder.


Do’s and Don’ts of Heating Your Marquee



  • Hire a heater that has a powerful fan.
  • Do a test run of the heating a few days before your event and do it the same time of day to ensure that it works and is sufficient for the amount of space that you’ve got to heat.
  • If it’s a really cold time of year, make sure you have the heating on at least an hour before your guests arrive. Guests who walk into a cold marquee are unlikely to warm up by the time the celebrations get underway.
  • Use several small heaters, if you can, as doing so will create a more consistent temperature throughout the marquee.
  • Always have a heater pointed towards the entrance.



  • Use a halogen heater, cabinet heater or any other kind of infra-red heater with no fan as they are unable to heat larger marquees.
  • Have anything in close proximity or touching any of the heaters.


The Best Heaters for Your Marquee

Choosing the best heater for your marquee is the next step in the process, and these are the most popular options to choose from:

  • Indirect heaters: Indirect heaters are undoubtedly the most popular heaters for marquee events. They allow the heating element to be stored outside the tent, and this means that your guests can enjoy their evening without the sound, smell, or fumes that often come from heating appliances. As they are running from outside, they draw in and circulate heaps of fresh, clean air for your guests so it will ensure that they are warm and awake.
  • Fan heaters: Fan heaters are also simple and effective; they work by blowing air across a heating element. The air moves around the marquee, gradually heating up the entire space. They are also the most cost effective option when it comes to hiring prices.


  • Radiant heaters: Radiant heaters provide direct heat to the area around them, and by having a few in your marquee; you can heat up the whole place quite easily. These are particularly great for marquees that are slightly open, as they won’t lose their heat.