These days, many people are looking to make their wedding reception truly stand out from the crowd. When it comes to receptions, people generally expect the same thing every time – some hotel, where you go through the motions – it’s the same each and every time. Arrive. Champagne reception (if you’re lucky!), the dinner bell rings, then everyone sits down, eats and drinks their fill while listening to the speeches.

With a wedding marquee, you can do things your way – the way you see fit. The possibilities are endless, from location, decoration ideas – you can really go to town adding your own personal touches. Even different themes, which may not be possible in a hotel or event centre. You choose where the bar would be best suited, you can pick where to place the dance floor, and how big it should be, what lighting should be used, where the band or DJ will be placed, what type of furniture should be used etc. All this is possible with a marquee. The options are endless really, and may be that extra step to that dream wedding.


You will find, that a simple search online will open the doorway to a wealth of rental options, theme ideas, floor plans etc. Laid out below are some theme ideas that may get the creative juices running, in planning your marquee reception:

A Winter Theme:

Using cold colours when choosing drapes, table cloths, seat covers etc. would get the ball rolling here. For those on a budget, you could use craft materials to create snow flake designs, which could be hung inside. You could also use reds, oranges, bronze and rust colours, to signify the changing of the trees leaves, and this will also make for a good contrast against the white of snow. For those looking to go all out, you could hire a snow machine for your entrance – you’d truly be walking in a winter wonderland!

Sea Theme:

Turn that marquee into a beach! Sand is readily available should you choose a similar idea. A trip to the beach for real could turn into a treasure hunt for shells for you to use in your marquee. You could use a Surf board stood upright as a seating chart for your guests, for centre pieces, you could semi fill your candle jars with sand and / or pebbles. For fun, you could rent props for guests, such as pirate swords, eye patches etc.

Garden Theme:

You could create a summer garden feel inside your marquee for your reception. Summer colours, perhaps butterflies made from craft paper, plants strategically placed around the marquee itself, summer flower centrepieces, will all help recreate the feel of a summer garden.

So, those are some of the more common themes you will find for marquees. There are more alternative ideas out there like sports (which the groom would no doubt love!), castles, outer space etc.

Hopefully this will give you some insight into what is possible when using a marquee for your wedding reception!