If you plan on hosting a party, you may find that a marquee can prove to be one of the most affordable options. Rather than hosting your special occasion in a local bar, restaurant or club, why not host it in your own back garden? It is certainly more affordable for guests as they can then bring their own beverages of choice and not have the pay the prices charged in licenced premises. You can prepare food in your home and easily transport it out to the marquee, undoubtedly allowing you to make savings on food too. It is separate from your actual home too, so you do not have to worry about your place getting messed up. If you do intend on hiring a marquee for a party, there a couple of tips that are worth considering.

1. Keep The Weather In Mind

Although it may be bright throughout the day, the nights can turn cold and even wet at times. If you are holding an all day event, you need to ensure that your marquee can hold its own against any weather condition. Make sure that you have heaters installed in the marquee for night time and that the walls are removable to either let air in or keep in the heat when needs be. Keep some umbrellas by each entrance for your guests too.

2. Make Sure That There Is Enough Room

Don’t try to cut costs by going for the smallest marquee possible. When people are dancing and crowded inside, they can get quite hot and sweaty! You want to ensure that your guests have the space to move about easily, dance and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Be sure to ask your marquee hire company to advise on the most suitable size marquee for your intended number of guests, taking a DJ booth, bar or tables into account too.

3. Check Your Power Supply

Assess how many power points you will need for lighting, heating and other equipment. Could you possibly run the supply out from your house? Do you need to hire a back up-supply? The last thing that you want is for your power to go during an event. A party without any light, heat or music would make for quite a dull affair!

4. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

If you want to ensure that you can hire the appropriate marquee for your event, be sure to book it as much in advance as possible. Settling for a smaller marquee with less amenities will affect the quality of your event. Give yourself plenty of time to map out the exact space that you will need as well as any additional features, equipment or supplies that you may need. Otherwise, you could end up having quite a stressful time planning your party.

5. Check For Insurance

If you are going to hold a large party on your property, there is always the chance that someone may get injured or that the marquee or equipment may suffer some damage. To save yourself a major headache, be sure to ask any marquee hire companies that you contact about their public liability insurance.