Your wedding day is YOUR day so you should be able to celebrate it anywhere you want. And by that, we mean absolutely anywhere! Traditional wedding venues don’t allow for much flexibility when it comes to location but with a marquee wedding, you’re in full control.

Ultimate flexibility

The best thing about a wedding marquee is that it allows you to host your wedding party almost anywhere. A marquee wedding can be hosted on top of a mountain, in a forest clearing, at the edge of the ocean, or in your own back yard.

A marquee wedding is also an extendable one. So whereas a traditional venue is limited to the number of people you can cram into the space, with a marquee wedding, if you want more coverage, you can just hire more marquees.

You can order and arrange them in any shape and size so whatever ideas you have, it’s possible to create the perfect wedding scenario.

Improved safety

Ireland isn’t exactly trustworthy when it comes to the weather but a marquee takes care of that as it provides protection from the elements without being restrictive.

Also, when you have 3,000 people cooped up inside a church hall and some kind of disaster breaks out, what you get is a stampede for the exits as people try to get outside.

With a marquee, even though you have shelter, everyone is already outside. This definitely makes a marquee wedding a safer option compared to alternatives.

More convenience

Parties are always great. What’s not so great is cleaning up after them. In traditional wedding venues, this will normally involve either a lot of work or a lot of expense (and sometimes both).

Cleaning up after a marquee wedding is so much simpler, and it’s definitely much less costly. Most of the time all you’ll need to do is pick up a bit of rubbish and gather some black bags to collect it.

And let’s not forget about that expensive deposit you’ll usually have to fork out for the use of a traditional venue on top of the hiring fee. Although this is refundable, it’s taking away some money that might otherwise have been available to make your wedding even more memorable.

Easier to manage

Organising a wedding is quite a big task. People begin planning weeks in advance. That’s why so many people hire professional wedding planners to take care of things for them. Because an outdoor location provides such great flexibility, that also makes managing the wedding much simpler too.

Everything from accepting deliveries to rigging cameras for the wedding video is made so much easier when you don’t have walls to restrict you. The key to success is to have everything set up as much in advance of the big event as you possibly can.

Your wedding, your way

If it’s possible for Burger King to let you have things your own way, it should be possible to have your wedding your own way too. A marquee gives you the most choice and versatility.

Unlike in bygone eras, the modern marquee is very stylish and elegant, honed to perfection by user feedback collected over centuries of time. So you’ll see a sturdy construction that is safe but convenient, and as long as you’re sensible in your selection, it will look fantastic too.

It’s your wedding, you should have it your way, and a marquee provides the freedom to do just that.