A wedding marquee, just like any wedding venue, can be decorated, to your needs and desires. Wedding colour schemes, table layouts and flower arrangements can all easily be adhered to. Having said this, there are some key tips to remember when decorating a marquee specifically for a wedding.


During the day, your wedding marquee will be illuminated by the natural daylight outside. However, in the evening time, it will most probably become quite dark. When darkness falls, you can opt for strings of fairy lights around the walls of the marquee, similar to the style that can often be seen in an upmarket restaurant. You could also opt to hang the fairy lights from the ceiling, which can create quite a magical and enthralling atmosphere. Fairy lights are an inexpensive yet quaint form of lighting. Alternatively, you could opt for some spotlights to be placed around the room, these will light up the venue with a hint of the wedding colour scheme. The use of paper lanterns lights are also very popular. A combination of white lanterns with your main wedding colour can work extremely well.


Bunting provides a very inexpensive means of beautifully decorating your wedding venue. You can even make bunting yourself at home, and it can be easily placed from room to room. Keep the design or pattern of the bunting minimal though so as not to risk it looking tacky. Again, perhaps follow the colours of your wedding scheme. If it is a summer wedding, you could use bright colours such as whites and oranges or pinks. If it is a winter wedding, perhaps choose some vibrant red patterns.


One major benefit to a wedding marquee venue is that you can choose the lining of the walls and ceiling. If you were to host your wedding in a hotel venue, you have no say over the wall or ceiling design. You can however have a full say in what the ceilings and walls of your marquee look like. If you are opting for uniquely designed linings, maybe you should cut back on bunting and other decorations as collectively it can prove to be a bit too much.


It is quite a popular choice to use dainty, fold up chairs as seating. However, considering how long your guests may be sitting on those chairs, it is advised to hire some slightly more comfortable seating. Some proper chairs can also be decorated beautiful with sashes and chair covers. When designed properly, they really look the part and can add to the overall look and feel of the marquee.


Unless your ceremony is also taking place in the marquee, there is no need to splash out on expensive flowers and trees to line the aisle. Instead, it is a good idea to have a centrepiece of flowers on each table and perhaps place a small arrangement of flowers at each entrance to the venue. You do not have to use huge displays of flowers, you should be using the flowers merely as a means to add colour to the venue.