Weddings, birthday parties, hen and stag parties, garden soirees, BBQs, corporate events – no matter what event you are organising, the most preferred venue of choice is fast becoming one of the most simple and flexible options – a marquee.

If you have never hired a marquee for an event before, you will need to get familiar with the various elements you can customise for your event.

Of course, you can always hire a marquee with standard set-up for your event, which can prove hassle free and a quick and easy solution. However, if you are keen to put your own stamp on your marquee venue, there are lots of elements to customise and add-ons to consider.

Once you have got your flooring, wall covers, seating, toilet arrangement, music etc. nailed down there is still one very important feature to consider – the dance floor!

No event is complete without a designated place for people to shake their stuff after all. When hiring a dance floor for your marquee, there are some very important considerations to keep in mind:

Who Many Guest Are Attending?

Size is everything! Nothing spells disaster than an over-crowded dancefloor. It can put a real dampener on the night for many guests if there is no room for them to get up and dance – not to mention present a health and safety hazard! On the other hand, renting a dance floor that is far too big for the number of guests attending can leave your event looking a little lame if the dance floor is half empty all night.

Marquee dance floor can be rented to accommodate as little as 8 or as much as 150+ guests. It is critical that you have a solid idea of the number of guests you expect to attend and inform your marquee hire company of this number so they can suggest a dance floor size to suit.

What Is Your Colour Scheme & Theme?

Your dance floor should be clearly identifiable and differ from the colour or materials of the rest of the flooring in your marquee.

Dance floors are typically available to hire in black and white tile style, wooden look plaslok or parquet or a plain white or black glossy finish, each outlined with aluminium edging so as to separate from the rest of the flooring.

Consider how the colour and style of the dancefloor will complement your overall colour scheme and theme or it won’t just be identifiable, it will stick out like a sore thumb!

Focal Point or Not?

If you want to put a real focus on getting and keeping people on the dance floor on the night, consider making the dance floor a focal point of the room.

Hiring an LED dance floor constructed with solid blocks of white or multi-coloured LED lighting is one sure way to let everyone exactly where the dance floor is and make a statement as to your expectation that they get up and bust some moves.

It may seem like a standard element of your marquee hire but your dance floor has such a key role to play in your event that it deserves such considered thought. You won’t regret it when everyone is up and getting their groove on!