Summer is officially here and it is time to get out and enjoy the warm weather that this glorious season usually brings. One of the great joys of summer is the ability to hold outdoor barbeques and garden parties where one can entertain their family and friends while enjoying great food and the summer sun – sounds like total bliss, right?

As the warm weather reigns in, you’ll notice an influx of people rushing to stores to purchase BBQ foods, portable barbeques and garden furniture, seeking to make the most of the warm weather for as long as it sticks around. Arranging a summer BBQ is a great idea for a get together for family or friends which is why we’ve developed a quick guide of top tips to help you arrange an enjoyable and memorable summer BBQ party.

  1. Hire a Marquee

Most people will agree that hiring a marquee is a great idea when arranging a summer BBQ garden party. A marquee provides a place of shade for people who want to avoid spending too much time in the sun and it is also perfect for setting up a presentation of all the foods on offer and protecting your foods from melting in the sunshine. In the unlikely event that the weather takes a turn for a worse, your marquee can also provide temporary cover from the elements.

  1. Make a Cocktail List

A really fun idea for serving drinks at a summer BBQ is to create a couple of cocktail bowls. After all, nothing quite screams summer like a delicious cocktail that’s served with ice cubes. It can be difficult to select beers and wines that everyone will like so a mix of cocktails is always a better rounded and indeed a less expensive alcoholic option to serve. You could even ask guests to bring along their favourite spirits or mixers.

  1. Buy BBQ Foods in Bulk

If you’re going to be feeding 10 or more people, it is more feasible for you to buy your BBQ foods in bulk. Ask your local meat wholesaler or butchers for their best prices on buying a combination of BBQ meats together. You’ll find some great deals when buying BBQ foods in bulk and anything you don’t use can always be frozen and eaten at a later date.

  1. Invest in a Good Barbeque

When hosting a summer BBQ for several people, you’ll need a decent sized, reliable gas or coal barbeque. Don’t be tempted to buy a couple of temporary BBQ’s as you will not be able to facilitate cooking so much food for so many people – at least not without them having to wait for ages to get fed! Buy or borrow a dependable barbeque system and ensure that you have plenty of gas or coals on hand to keep the system going throughout the day.

  1. Set up a Music System Outdoors

With your drinks, food and seating areas sorted, all you need now to complete the perfect summer BBQ is some great summer tunes. For the best effect, try extending power lines outside and hook up an outdoor music system. If you hire a marquee, you may be able to power the music system from there.

Organise a great gathering for family and friends by following our 5 top tips and enjoy a summer BBQ garden party that everyone will be talking about!