Let’ be honest, corporate events are never the top of our social calendars. The fact that so many people miss the mark in creating awesome corporate events just furthers the unwillingness of many participants.

At the end of the day however, corporate events are important for your company – whether it’s for clients and potential partners to see what you do or who you are; or if it’s for your current employees to say thank you and to help them enjoy a social corporate culture.

Thus it’s imperative that you don’t create a boring corporate event that reflects badly on you, and that people simply don’t want to attend. Try thinking out of the box and finding an awesome venue that isn’t the office. Instead try doing something exciting like hiring a corporate marquee.

Not only will this save you money, it also gives you a little more freedom and a whole lot more flexibility when it comes to size, location, choosing entertainment and decor.

If you are having your corporate event in summer then it’s even better to hire a marquee, as this gives your guests more freedom to interact and enjoy the outdoors.

Here are some ideas and inspiration for your marquee corporate event:

Choose a theme

Corporate events are often thought of as pretty tedious, and you don’t want your guests to expect a boring affair before they even arrive. Select a theme well before the date of the event and send it out for guests to prepare for.

This will show them that the event is going to be more fun than they expected it to be. Choose a theme that relates to your company, or something completely different – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s fun and your guests will enjoy it.

Games and competitions

Everyone loves to win free stuff, and it adds a great atmosphere and incentive for people to attend. If the event is for clients and partners then raffles and other competitions are not just great for your brand, but fun for attendees too. If it’s a function for your staff then games or something like a pub quiz are bound to go down a treat.

A photo booth is always good fun

Everyone loves a photo booth. By hiring one you are giving people the opportunity to make wonderful memories, while also having fun. All attendees will get a photo with your company’s logo on it, which is great brand awareness and it gives staff an opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

Use the outdoors

We spend the majority of our days stuck inside an office and if you have a corporate event in the summer, you need to ensure that you use the outdoor space as much as you can. Guests can enjoy the surroundings and get some much-needed fresh air.

Entertainment is key

Make sure you hire entertainment that everyone will enjoy and that gives your event an added edge. It’s a great idea to stick to the theme with entertainment and if, for example, you have a country theme, then getting in a country band is bound to get everyone line dancing and boot-flicking across the dance floor.