Wedding, birthday parties, barbeques, christenings, hen do’s, corporate events – marquees have become THE venue for all special occasions.

Equipped to brave the elements, customisable to your own preferences and with the ability to be erected almost everywhere (flat surfaces are best!), it’s no surprise that you’ve got a marquee listed as a “potential venue” for your next event.

If you’ve never hired a marquee for an event before, you undoubtedly have some burning questions. To help you better understand the “why”, the “what”, the “how”, the “when” and the “who” of marquee hire, we’ve put together a quick guide to the most frequently asked questions.


  • How do I decide what size marquee I require?


You’ll need to determine some key factors first – How many guests will be attending? Do you plan on providing seating for your guests? Do you need to include space for a bar area and/or dance floor?

If you can clarify the answers to these questions, a marquee hire provider will be able to provide guidance on the marquee size that is the best fit for your requirements.

When in doubt, it is recommended that 8 sq. ft. per person is suited to a standing event and, for a seated event, that should be increased to 15 sq. ft. per person.


  • Can the marquee be heated?


If you are planning on holding a marquee event in the Winter time or are even a little concerned about the slight chill that can set in on a Summers evening, don’t worry – marquees can be heated.

Ducted marquee heaters can be supplied, which are thermostatically controlled. They will usually be positioned outside and will blow warm air into the marquee via air ducts.

  • In what ways can a marquee be customised?


Several elements of a marquee can be customised to your requirements – you choose the flooring – hard, carpeted or matted flooring, the linings, the lighting arrangement, tables, chairs, centrepieces, bunting and other decorative elements you require.

In many ways, a marquee can be more customisable than a traditional function room venue.


  • How safe is a marquee?


Hire marquees are typically staked and weighted to ensure they are firmly attached to the ground and remain safe in the face of up to 60km/h winds.

The material of marquees is naturally fireproof and weather proof to be in accordance with EC safety standards.


  • How can a power supply be provided to the marquee?


If you require additional power supply for caterers or musical entertainment, cables can be ran to the nearest power supply or a power generator can be used to meet your power requirements.


  • Where can a marquee be erected?


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits that a marquee offers is that it can be erected on any flat surface ensuring that an idyllic, dream venue location can become a real possibility.


  • Can toilets be supplied?


Many marquee hire providers will also offer toilet hire as an additional add-on. Toilet units including flushing toilets, hot water, hand soap, towel/tissue dispensers, air freshener, mirrors and pedal bins can be hired to facilitate guests at your event.

If you’re tasked with organising or planning a party, event or other special occasion, hiring a multi-functional marquee as your venue is certainly an option you should consider.