The rise in popularity of the use of marquees as wedding “venues” has been phenomenal in recent years. After all, they are far less expensive than a hotel venue. If you always dreamed of staging your wedding in the gardens where the proposal took place, a wedding marquee offers a means of doing so. They offer much more flexibility for your wedding. However, one thing that can hold a couple back from going down the marquee route is the worry over weather. Well, never fear, wedding marquees can offer the perfect wedding party venue whatever the weather – really!

Toilets and smoking areas can be attached directly to the marquee so that your guests never have to encounter whatever weather lies outside. If rain is threatening, buckets of umbrellas can be provided all around the grounds and at every entrance to the marquee. You can even hire some staff to carry the umbrellas as they lead guests to their intended destination – a luxurious touch for guests! As for inside the marquee itself, you can be ensured that not a drop of rain will enter. No matter which type of marquee you choose, they are all designed to protect vigorously against the elements.

Do you plan on staging a wonderful Winter Wedding? Are you worried that your guests may find a wedding marquee a tad cold – even after all the dancing? Don’t worry, heating systems can easily be installed inside the venue to ensure that all guests stay lovely and warm. You can eliminate thoughts of guests being able to see their own breath in the air. Adequate heating systems are available for hire which can assure that guests will be oblivious of the harsh winter weather outside. You can also have proper doors on the marquee to ensure the cold stays locked out where it belongs.

Perhaps you are having a beautiful summer wedding – right when temperatures can soar. You may then fear with a wedding marquee venue that your guests could become uncomfortable due to the heat. The dance floor could even become a sweaty haven by song number three! To avoid this issue, firstly ensure that the size of the marquee is more than spacious enough for the number of guests intended. On the day itself, the sides of the marquee may be folded back to allow the cool air to circulate. When it gets cool, the sides can easily be taken back down again. Of course, you can also install some fans within the marquee for the day which will also help with air movement.

As you can see, should the weather change at all, only minor precautions or amendments will need to be made. These are not costly amendments and do not require months of planning. The reason why marquees make such an ideal wedding venue is that they are so easy to adjust and adapt to your needs – even for things that you cannot control, like the weather!