When you think of hiring a marquee, you may do so in the context of hosting a garden party or even a wedding. However, did you know that marquees are also available for hire and extremely popular when it comes to corporate events? When organising a corporate event, you want to ensure that your business is the talk of the town afterwards…and for all the right reasons!

A marquee party can prove a great idea for housing a corporate event – think of a marquee like a portable corporate venue! Discover our top 4 reasons why you should consider hiring a marquee for your next corporate event.

Highly Adaptable Space

A marquee is a highly adaptable space that can be used for several different types of corporate events be it a product launch, a tasting, a tradeshow event, a business exhibition or even just for business storage. Throughout the day, your company might use the marquee for a product launch while in the evening; it can be closed up and used for product storage. Marquees come in all shapes and sizes so the possibilities for using a marquee to host any type of corporate event are endless. You can have enough space to set up a podium for speeches or a stage for demonstrations or talks as well as seating areas for attendees.

Furnish the Marquee However you want

When you hire a marquee, you can choose from a wide variety of interior furnishings and fittings. Whether you want to create the appearance of a simple, practical space for product demonstrations or a high-class space with marquee linings, real wood floors and chandelier lighting, the options are endless. You can enhance the image and reputation of your company by organising a professional corporate event and a marquee can be furnished to reflect the professional business image that your company has.

Cost Effective Solution

A marquee can serve as a very cost effective “venue” for your corporate event, helping your business to really stand out among the crowd of your competitors. Why hire a hotel when you could set up a marquee outside your business premises or in an exhibition hall to conduct your product launch or demonstration? By hiring a marquee, your stand or presence at a corporate event can stand out above the rest.

Weather-proof Your Event

Unfortunately, no matter what time of year it is, we can never really depend on the weather to provide the perfect setting for a corporate event. By hiring a marquee, you can essentially “weather-proof” your corporate event, ensuring that it can go ahead and that all attendees/spectators are comfortable despite the hail, rain, wind or snow outside! Planning a corporate event can be a difficult task and the last thing you want is for the weather to ruin the planned activities or prevent people from attending your important company event.

Planning a corporate event? If so, you may want to reconsider your plans and hire a marquee. After all, you could save money and enhance the success rate of your event – it’s a win, win!